HSC Routine 2021

HSC Routine 2021

New HSC Routine 2021 has been declared. The Ministry of Education nowadays declared the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Exam routine. Almost, 2 years later will start HSC examination in Bangladesh. According to the article the declared HSC routine, the HSC exam 2021 will be starting to 2 December and the HSC Exam will end on 30 December, 2021.

The declared HSC exam routine 2021 will be to the purpose to Cumilla, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Dhaka, Chittagong, Mymenshing, Raajshahi, Jessore & Barishal Education Boards of Bangladesh.

Now this year the HSC Exam will be taken just obligated to required subjects. Pupils in the Humanities, Commerce & Science departments will participate in exams for department-based subject matters.

All concerned and informed that the HSC exam 2021 will be as per as the following schedules. In case of special need, the board authorities can change the schedule.

Now at this time HSC exam 2021 will be held in accordance with the government health guidelines for covid-19 pandemic situations. For this, the HSC education board has also concerned special information all along with the HSC exam routine.

HSC Routine 2021

The revisions Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Exam Routine 2021 for All Education Boards you can be save and download to the Ministry of Education Boards & others Education Boards website of Bangladesh. The HSC exam 2021 all schedules can be save and download to the official WebPages of Chittagong, Sylhet, Barishal, Jessore, Dhaka, Dinaajpur, Cumilla, Mymensingh, Rajshahi Education Boards. The neo HSC exam schedules can be save and download in PDF file to all WebPages. The HSC exam routine will be obtainable on the official notice board at HSC exam 2021 on our website.

Moreover, the Alim schedules & HSC Vocational Exam schedules can be save and download to the WebPages of the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board (BMEB) & Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

Away from each other to these webpage, the revision HSC routine will also be available in various important national dailies papers. Details routine and schedules pictures & PDF can also be saved and download on this official website.

Bangladesh Education Boards Suggestons:

  1. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Barisal Board.
  2. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Chittagong Board.
  3. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Cumilla Board.
  4. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Dhaka Board.
  5. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Dinajpur Board.
  6. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Jessore Board.
  7. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Mymensingh Board.
  8. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Rajshahi Board.
  9. HSC Exam Routine 2021 Suggestion Sylhet Board.


  1. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situations, The HSC exam routine 2021 will be held in harmony with right and suitable health rules and regulations.
  2. Applicants are obliged to receive their places in the HSC exam hall class room 30 minutes ago presenting the exam.
  3. First various selections & after that creative (theoretical) examination will be held.
  4. HSC Examination 2021 time is 1 hour 30 min. There will be no break among MCQ & CQ parts Exam.
Board Wise HSC Routine List:
  • HSC Routine 2021 Cumilla Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Chitagong Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Dinajpur Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Sylhet Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Dhaka Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Mymensing Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Jessore Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Rajshahi Board
  • HSC Routine 2021 Barishal Board

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